September 13, 2021...4:49 pm

Catalent Signs Agreement With Astrazeneca To Manufacture Covid-19 Vaccine Candidate

These evaluations, along with a recent Phase III clinical study in the United States, will welcome up to 50,000 participants worldwide. AstraZeneca has signed several production and supply contracts around the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, South Korea and Brazil, resulting in the production of more than 2 billion doses of investigational vaccine. AZD1222, an adenovirus vaccine candidate, was co-invented by Oxford University and its spin-out company Vaccitech and licensed from AstraZeneca. The vaccine candidate is currently in clinical trials. Yesterday [31. AZ said clinical development of AZD1222, a recombinant adeovirus vaccine technology developed by the Jenner Institute at Oxford University, is progressing around the world, with clinical trials underway at completion in the UK, Brazil and South Africa and studies also starting in Japan and Russia. Chris Halling+44 (0) 7580 Catalent signs agreement with AstraZeneca for the production of a COVID-19 vaccine “Catalent has extensive experience in technology transfer and rapid scale of vaccine programs to meet demand,” commented Alessandro Maselli, President & Chief Operating Officer of Catalent. “Our production facility in Anagni, Italy, has served for many years as the main initiation center for new drugs, and the plant`s qualified team will be very proud to prepare for the production of this COVID-19 vaccine and ensure that the product can reach patients as quickly as possible if approval is granted.” The new agreement expands Catalent`s work on the AZD1222 program, after announcing in June that it had been shipped to provide bottling and packaging capacity for the vials. Catalent`s site in Anagni, Italy, is to cover this aspect of vaccine production. The agreement accelerates the rapid increase in capacity in the coming months to support the dedicated production of AZD1222. Catalent will prepare the facility to allow for 24-hour manufacturing plans and provide hundreds of millions of doses of the vaccine candidate from August 2020 and possibly until March 2022, if the product is approved by the control authorities..

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