September 14, 2021...1:16 am

Church Non Compete Agreement

An employee of a Christian radio station showed me his confidentiality agreement, which contained a clause prohibiting him from transmitting “information of any kind” about the radio station, whether it was considered confidential or important. The agreement also contained a non-compete clause (see sidebar below) that prohibits him from working within 30 miles during his employment and for another station for six months after. The dilemma is that two competing concepts are at stake. On the one hand, there is religious or spiritual contemplation. Most Church leaders feel compelled to evangelize because of their understanding of the religious teachings of their faith. And most Church leaders also believe that every person and every resource available should be used. Instead of giving too many pastors, most community leaders think there is not enough to meet the needs of our world. @ numo: oh, and: I would take the music in most liturgical churches about what is used in most evangelical churches every day! It`s not so much that I love hymns (even though I do), but that the music is literally more interesting and the content of the lyrics goes far beyond what is said in 99% of “contemporary worship” that is ejected. I believe that ecclesiastical culture is saturated with messages of humility (or otherwise!), unity (at most, if not all costs) and total distrust of one`s own motivations – all this leads to a lot of paranoia among men. Today`s church is a business. It`s really that simple.

Unfortunately, it`s not even a company that stands out for its integrity, compassion, transparency or fairness. I agree with Wade on that. And I think there`s a reason Jesus isn`t physically attractive. I`ve read a little bit about it and I`ve actually heard a few Church historians talk about it. So, of course, they could be wrong, and I could do it, so I don`t make it a hill where he`s far from dying. I don`t think anyone is doomed to hell because they thought Jesus looked like Kenny Loggins. Thank you for sharing your story so clearly and without all the bitterness that is often related to such situations.