September 15, 2021...5:08 am

Confidentiality And Conflict Of Interest Agreement

1.4 The Member shall promptly inform the Deputy Minister of any circumstances in which the Member exercises a real, potential or obvious conflict or bias arising from the roles of a member at the tables and from any outside interests or activities, including organizational affiliations, other advisory committees or boards of directors. If the Deputy Minister or an official designated by the Deputy Minister concludes that there is a real, potential or obvious conflict of interest that relates to the Member`s activities on the tables and outside interests or activities, he or she may require the Member to withdraw from participating in related discussions or developing a corresponding recommendation; or terminate the member`s membership in the tables at the sole discretion of the Deputy Minister. 2.4 The member may use for purposes other than his mandate as a member of the tables any information or documents that are disclosed or made available to the member in his capacity as a member of the table, unless it is proven that they are accessible to the public. 1.3 In the event that the member also sits on another advisory committee or executive committee, the member agrees not to share with the members of the other group any information, documentation, deliberations, deliberations or advice received, prepared or provided by or to the address of the members of the table, unless the member is authorized to do so in writing by the Deputy Minister or a designated officer by the Deputy Minister.