December 7, 2020...11:19 am

Employment Agreement New Zealand

With the presentation of LawDepot`s employment contract, you can also write additional clauses in the agreement yourself. For example, some employers want to include a non-compete clause prohibiting an employee from working for the company`s competitors as soon as he or she leaves the company. In the first 30 days, new workers must be employed under conventional conditions where there is a collective agreement. An employee and an employer may agree on additional conditions that are more favourable than those provided in the collective agreement. Many of the employment contracts we see are obsolete, refer to old legislation and do not have valid 90-day test clauses. It is unfortunate that, as a general rule, this issue is not revealed until there is a problem and it is too late to resolve the problem in a consensual manner. All workers must have a written employment contract signed with their employer. Even if you have already accepted an oral offer for a position, you must sign a written agreement before you start working. A written employment contract is a legal condition and a good basis for a working relationship. It helps you and your employees understand that our new employment contract builder helps you create contracts tailored to your company and to each person you employ.

It is filled with tips that will help you decide what to put in your contract – and what is not in place. This is what you need to do by law and also describes the frequent mistakes made by employers and how to avoid them. Some of your key staff rights are covered on this page. For more information on the current minimum wage and your labour rights, visit the Employment New Zealand website. It has information in 14 languages and a free online course where you can know your minimum rights. If you have had a disagreement with your employer and do not think you have been treated fairly, you can find out where you can get help on our Workplace Assistance page. Good working relationships begin with a good hiring process, so workers and employers have the same expectations for roles and working conditions. Your employer must treat you fairly, pay you at least the minimum wage set by the government and meet its other labour law obligations. You also need to make sure your workplace is safe.

Jon, a natural science teacher, will be offered a permanent job at a local school near Cromwell. He tells the principal of the school that he wants to review the collective agreement before signing his letter of offer. The director agrees. Changes to labour law mean that employers can no longer offer zero-term contracts. Learn more about working hours (external link) on the Employment New Zealand website. Check with our employment contract manufacturer (external link) for examples of clauses that you need to include in employment contracts and the standard clauses of things you should or could include in an employment contract.