December 11, 2020...2:16 am

Johns Hopkins Rate Agreement

The date of our last negotiation agreement is June 6, 2019. A copy of the letter of agreement will be published on the Comptroller`s Office website under For commercially sponsored research, use the commercial tariff applied on a direct total cost basis. For clinical trials, use the off-campus if the cost of space is supported by clinical billing. For animal or lab studies, use the on-campus research rate. Training sponsorships are defined as teaching and training activities at the JHU, funded by grants and contracts from federal and non-federal sponsors. Training sponsorships include agreements that support the development of curricula and all kinds of teaching and training activities, whether available for credit with a diploma or certificate of non-credit, by regular university departments or by separate departments, summer schools or external departments. The SALARIES are set up by the university. Multi-year budgets should include estimated wage increases. An increase of 1.5 to 3% can be expected, unless the sponsor indicates wage inflation rates. The lead investigators must make at least 1% effort for each proposal. All efforts made by an IP and not covered by the sponsor are billed to a discretion account as a cost-sharing account. For other sponsors, use the federal rate or the maximum sponsor rate if stated in their policies.

If the sponsor`s rates are lower than the federal rate, you can include space and management fees in the direct cost budget. Organized research is described as the set of research and development activities supported by federal and non-federal authorities and organizations that are budgeted and accounted for separately. This usually means that there is a volume of work, some time, benefits (technical or financial) that the university must provide and a specific budget and indirect recoveries. These are activities involving the training of individuals in research techniques (commonly known as research training), in which these activities use the same institutions as other research and development activities and for which these activities are not included in the instructional function. Research activities include rigorous study, experimentation or study to increase scientific understanding of the discipline involved. FRINGE BENEFITS applies to all salaries and salaries of the university. The university negotiated a marginal rate with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). When establishing a budget budget for Coeus sponsored project proposals, calculations of the sponsor`s contribution to ancillary benefits for employees should be calculated on the basis of the marginal performance rate available on the general budget form. The JHU negotiates with the federal government the facilities and administrative rates (F-A, also known as indirect cost rates) and Fringe Benefit Conseil. These rates are formalized in the College and Universities Rate Agreement. Facilities and administration costs, also known as indirect costs, are the costs incurred during the completion of a sponsored project for the general operation of the university.