December 17, 2020...5:44 am

Solar Operation And Maintenance Agreement

According to Douglas, SolarPower Europe last year updated the O-M Best Practice Guides, of which “contracts were clearly an important part, but only a part of them. The guidelines cover everything from health and safety, power plant operations, management systems, data, spare parts, etc. But it was clear that contracts were an important element between the owners, the asset manager and the supplier D-M. Version 2.0 of the best practices of O-M will be published at the event in December. Mr Papaeconomou explained the updates the sector should be waiting for: “There have been significant changes that will be announced in London in December. In addition to the development of the existing document and the collection of all feedback over the past few months, we have focused on health and safety. We have included a technical asset management section. The reason we have done this is that, in some regions, O-M is seen as technical asset management and in others as a simple maintenance. We now cover both the maintenance company and the management of technical assets in a document.┬áSet Solar has a dedicated team of field technicians and technicians who will actively ensure the quality and performance of a solar project with efficient maintenance. In general, this involves signing maintenance contracts – but make sure you adapt the agreement to your specific goals and requirements.

Issues of D-M should be debated before construction. Our site manager oversees the maintenance and order of spare parts and equipment and communicates with landowners, the local electricity supplier and government and local officials. Set Solar can run O-M services to prevent problems from going unnoticed and future problems avoided. Most solar companies and organizations involved in these standardization initiatives have lawyers. In response to how these lawyers should see contract models, Things said, “Embrace this sentence of documents. Trust the people who have been doing this for years. Help yourself by reducing the cost of your own project development and spend your time with caution by focusing on innovation instead of spending costs on many past agreements. After all, you trust the voice of the market, the continuation of contracts. “Solar Inverter Preventive Maintenance: Set Solar will be able to do the same tests and corrections for your solar converter. Maintaining solar projects can help maximize operating time and extend the life of the facility. The continuous supply of solar electricity maintains the current of the economic value generated by each kilowatt-hour of generation, and adequate service is an essential element to ensure optimal performance while minimizing the risk of downtime. A well-maintained solar system can actually do 10-30% better than a system that isn`t.

But installing solar arrays is just the beginning. Without proper operation and maintenance, system components could not have all the warranties. This year`s Solar Asset Care Conference, organized by SolarPower Europe and the Solar Trade Association, will include the results of the Global Solar Energy Standardisation Initiative (SESI) and the SolarPower Europe O-M Task Force. These include version 2.0 of SESI O-M and SolarPower Europe Best Practices Guidelines. This special series Solar O-M Insider on the standardization features SESI and Solar O-M in alpha order: it describes how to raise standards as “taking existing expertise with all related market players and combining them with simplified [SESI] contracts, which have an appropriate risk ratio and assign the most appropriate part to the corresponding risk. Instead of the parties embarking on project development and still trying to reinvent each party`s positions and the balance between the treaties, the parties can have confidence that the standardized agreement has taken all the experiences of recent years and created a balance that allows the parties to feel comfortable with