December 17, 2020...7:05 pm

Syllabus Of Agreements

Several authors have stated that Syllabi functions as an implicit contract between students and the university.7,10 The question is whether students actually check the program before enrolling in a class. Studies show that students often do not check the curriculum, do so sparingly and are unable to retrieve basic information in it.43 Perhaps syllabi works rather as an end-user licensing agreement that the student looks at, clicks “Accept conditions” and heads to the product without reading any of the terms. A curriculum may be more like a user manual describing the product or a staff manual than a real offer and acceptance of conditions. It is important to note that not all students with the manifest points are necessarily on board at the beginning of the semester. (Or even at the end.) You may have a different philosophy than I do, but unlike a curriculum as a contract, the manifesto leaves us room to discuss these differences. A program must have a clear rating policy, which is respected throughout the semester. Not only does this reassure students of what is necessary for the success of the course, but it also allows the teacher to draw attention to students who complain. Aside from the first line of defence for the faculty member, the indication of a clear scoring policy in the curriculum will also eliminate many student complaints. If it is clear that the curriculum is being followed, students will not waste time putting pressure on particular circumstances, and the teacher will be immune to accusations of preference or unfairness in scoring.

If a teacher intends to round up the notes, he or she should indicate in the program how this should be done. It is important to remember that programs are “binding” in student (or faculty) appeal procedures.9,58 Straightford elements of a program, such as due dates, have become complicated by technology. In the past, when a deadline for a task was mentioned in the curriculum, it was concluded that the assignment was due to that date in the classroom. But now, the ability to submit orders electronically via course sites like Blackboard and Canvas has forced teachers to be much more specific. Nor do we do our colleagues any favours if we are negligent in implementing our own curriculum policy. Students can get used to and be shocked to meet a teacher who actually meets the standards outlined in the program.