October 13, 2021...2:57 pm

Virginia Community College Transfer Agreement

Virginia`s community colleges offer students a transferor to four-year Commonwealth colleges and universities. National admission agreements between Virginia community colleges and four-year colleges and universities are listed below. Bachelor Transfer NOVA`s transfer site provides information on transfer planning, transfer guides and more. The program saves you thousands of tuition fees. We advise you to meet with a transfer advisor at your NOVA campus to get you through the process. PVCC has secured admission agreements with all public colleges and many private colleges in Virginia. For more information, please see the following links or visit the VCCS transfer page. To make an appointment for transfer counseling, please call the Admissions and Advice Center at 434-961-6581. Let us help you get on the right track to a successful career! The transfer module is considered as a set, not as a course by course. Admitted students who do not have transferable credits for the entire module are assessed from course to course and may see gaps in Virginia Tech`s (Liberal Education Program) completion depending on the courses selected. Similarly, students already enrolled in virginia tech should apply cure rules and not expect certain parts of the transfer module to be transferred as specific components of general education (Program for Liberal Education). As noted in Sections III, F and G of STATE POLICY ON TRANSFER, students with transfer module credits may still be required to take specific courses for primary (or secondary) requirements, even if they cut across the areas of general education (Programme for Liberal Education). All guaranteed admission agreements require students to complete a Transfer Associate Degree in order to qualify for the benefits of the agreement.

Follow the university`s general education and program requirements outlined in the transfer institution`s four-year guaranteed admission agreement and transfer guides for the four-year institution you want to upgrade to.