December 20, 2020...4:42 am

What Does Cardholder Agreement Mean

“credit card account,” any Tangerine credit card account created in the name of the primary card holder. If the reseller category is not identified for the purchase. This can happen if the transaction information we receive does not come directly from the dealer. “net purchases,” purchases of goods and services that each cardholder debits from their credit card account for a monthly period, net of all returns and credits from the merchant. Net purchases excluding cash advances, (ii) cash transactions, (iii) interest expenses, (iv) fees, (v) insurance premiums and (vi) adjustments. You and any cardholder have fulfilled all obligations arising from the agreement, including due diligence to protect the PIN from unauthorized loss, theft or use, including the CARD, account or card PIN; and “Balance Transfer” refers to a transaction in which you use funds from your Tangerine credit card account to pay the balance on another credit card or other account that belongs to you, as we advise it (with a credit card issued by Tangerine Bank) and thus paying that balance into the credit card account. Acceptance of terms: If you activate, sign or use your credit card for the first time, it means that you have read these terms and that everything included in this document is understood and accepted. When we update and revise the terms and conditions, we will publish them on our website. The publication of these conditions constitutes communication and delivery. Finally, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has a database containing generic credit card agreements of more than 300 credit card issuers. In the past, some credit card companies have used vague or confusing language to hide the true costs and conditions of their credit cards. As a result, some courts have ruled in favour of consumers who have claimed that their credit card provider made false or misleading claims when they advertised their cards.

Thanks to consumer protection legislation such as TILA, credit card customers now enjoy relatively high standards of disclosure and transparency. Nevertheless, reading the cardholder`s agreement remains an important practice. “Application” refers to the formal application (electronic, online, telephone, paper or any other means) provided to you on credit card account and cards. The Cardholder Agreement describes the conditions under which you were issued the PayPal cash card (“card”) from Bancorp Bank, Wilmington, Delaware (“The Bancorp Bank” or “Issuer”). The issuer is a member institute insured by the FDIC. This contract is complete, but does not replace the PayPal utilization agreement and other applicable agreements between you and PayPal, Inc. (“PayPal”). This agreement is made available to you in electronic form, in accordance with the e-mail policy (/webapps/mpp/ua/esign-full) that you accepted and accepted when you opened your account PayPal. By accepting and using the card, you declare yourself bound by the terms and conditions of the PayPal use agreement between you and PayPal. A “card account” refers to records relating to the value of claims associated with the card.

“You” and “Your Account” refers to the person or person who has received the card and who has the right to use the card in accordance with this Agreement. “We,” “we” and “our” are issuers, successors, affiliates, agents and our external service providers. You are responsible for the balance: if your credit card account is terminated or if the contract is terminated for any reason, it does not affect your obligation to pay all the amounts due to the credit card account, including all transactions debited from the credit card account prior to termination (even if these amounts do not appear on your credit card account until after the cancellation). We can deduct money from any other credit card account you have with us without notice and use it to pay the amount that is due to us.